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What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

The Draeger Interlock XT is a device installed in automobiles to measure a driver's breath alcohol content before allowing the engine to start. The automobile cannot be started if the driver's BAC is above the preset limit defined by the Illinois Department of Transportation. While operating the auto, the driver will be asked to take random breath test (rolling test) that is saved for later retrieval.

Draeger Interlock XT installation

Is the Draeger Interlock XT hard to use?

No. Our device has a full text display that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use our device.

Is there a camera option?

Yes. The Illinois Department of Transportation requires a camera to be attached to the Draeger Interlock XT.

What if I'm going out of state?

Draeger has a nationwide network of service centers available to service your BAIID device.

How long does ignition interlock installation take?

The Draeger Interlock XT can be installed in most cars in about one hour. Give us a call at 800.622.2526 to setup your appointment.

Does Draeger Interlock XT work in cold weather?

Our ignition interlock works in extreme heat and cold weather. When the vehicle is not being used, the handset can be detached from the helix cable during extreme Cold and Heat. This prevents longer warm up and cool down times so the handset can quickly warm up to accept your breath sample.

Do interlock devices keep logs?

Yes, the Draeger Interlock XT records the breath test results including date, time, bac reading, engine stops and starts. The information is provided to Illinois DOT.

What information is required to schedule an installation?

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Lissa and Cameron

Thank you for making this process less intimidating and helping to make it all happen. Cameron, you initially spent A LONG time on the phone explaining everything regarding the unit and pricing. I spoke to other companies and I knew after taking to Cameron this was the one for me. God bless Lissa who was there to answer my early morning phone calls and coordinating having my unit installed into my vehicle. You never made me feel uncomfortable asking anything about the unit or the process. This is not a situation one likes to be in but you have made it so much easier and less frightening.

Thank you again,